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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silver For Survival

In 1912 the great J.P. Morgan spoke to congress and said "Gold is money, everything else is credit". Nearly 100 years later that rings so true, except now I'd like to include Silver. In fact, while gold is a great way to back a currency, Silver can actually become a better currency, base on today's dollar value of it.

Having a proportionally lower value, in today's market place one could easily replace fiat paper with silver. How would you buy groceries or gasoline with gold? Hack of a piece of your coin or bullion bar? Certainly not and that is why Silver as a currency makes more sense.

Silver will most likely become a currency in the event the dollar collapses, even if for a short amount of time. To that end we here at Silver Advisor  have begun to accumulate silver for our personal well being and survival. I prefer to purchase smaller sizes such as one ounce and 5 ounce sizes for use as a currency, larger quantities are just too hard to use as money.

In reflection of that mindset we are having 1/10 ounce silver coins minted and they should be available within the next few weeks for purchase so stay tuned to this blog for more information.


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