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Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally, the MSM is Catching Up to the Dollar Disaster

Straight from CNBC this morning, the rest of the world is finally catching up to what we already know, the dollar is dead as the worlds reserve currency.

$105 per barrel oil. Cotton prices at record levels. Food prices at 2008 highs. Typically, such commodity price increases would send central banks running to the U.S. Dollar to secure the value of their savings. After all, the dollar has been the reserve currency since World War I.
But not this time.

Central banks are shedding dollars [DXC1  76.565    0.08  (+0.1%)   ], reducing their holdings by about $9 billion in previous quarter, according to Nomura Securities’ Jens Nordvig, global head of G10 FX Strategy.
What are they buying instead? Gold [GCCV1  1414.10    -12.10  (-0.85%)   ].
The yellow metal hit a fresh record high this morning, while the dollar index dropped to a 15-month low. The news had Fast Money’s Brian Kelly looking to add more gold and silver longs to his portfolio Thursday morning.
“What is working is gold, silver [SICV1  36.65    -0.399  (-1.08%)   ] and oil [CLCV1  103.90    -1.50  (-1.42%)   ],” said Kanundrum Capital’s Kelly. “I wish I had more.”
Gold and silver have become the inflation hedges of choice for some investors. Gold hit an intra day high today of $1,448 per ounce. Silver is trading at 31-year highs, hitting an intra day high of $38 per ounce.

So what does that mean to the average Joe like us? To begin with inflation, and some are calling for Hyper-Inflation.


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