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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does Warren Buffett know something we don't?

How many folks do you know, who would absolutely love to start their own business, and get onto the road to becoming independent.  I believe the number is far larger than you may expect.  In most cases however, the perceived risk is so daunting, they never make the leap.

I think most perceive business as a storefront, whether located on Main Street in town, or on the main page of your computer at home.  A business is any enterprise in which you invest your time and/or money, to generate a profit.  If Warren Buffett’s opinion is worth anything, buying and holding Silver and/or Gold is a business.  Although you may not buy and hold 130 million ounces as he has, you can begin small and grow your business at your pace.  The first investment could be as little as the price of a dinner out.  Silver may be the perfect solution for the average man on the street.

There are a few more important reasons why Mr. Buffett thinks Silver is a sound investment; the product is not exposed to possible dilution of value, as is fiat currency during recessions or depressions.  Silver has never had its authenticity and exchange value questioned.  It has been an acceptable currency world wide, for at least 2500 years.  It is reasonable to expect that any move to create a new universal currency, will involve its being backed by solid assets such as Gold and Silver.  Precious metals serve as an indisputable collateral asset as you build additional associate businesses, without profit and loss reports or a balance sheet.

With all the turmoil in the financial world, not to mention the socioeconomic backlash in the Middle East and Africa, tangible assets become much more important.  Now may just be the right time to consider adding Silver to your legacy.  Mr. Buffett has already done so.   


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