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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Silver Correction Eveyone is Looking For

Finally, we have a true correction. Down more then 6% on the day at noon. This is the May correction everyone has been calling for and looking for.

I'm buying on the way down and will continue to buy it to the bottom and then on the way back up as well. I foresee triple digits this year and I'm in it for the long haul so this is a great opportunity to add more.

Bank reports are due out tomorrow and most likely some manipulation going on here to cover short positions...all in favor of the little guy to add more!

I think we'll see low 30's or high 20's before it's done, then I predict it'll stay lower over the summer (mid 30's) until the big players get back from Summer Vacation. The old adage "Sell and May and Go Away" is still valid and I think we're seeing some of that reflecting on the market as well right now.

Keep buying, watch for dips and load up! The ride to the top is going to be well worth the trip!


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